Dine & Deliver, a private newsletter dinner series

2023 Newsletter Dinner Series

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Presented by LiveIntent

Dine & Deliver is a private dinner series for newsletter operators, co-hosted by Who Sponsors Stuff and Inbox Collective.

Dine & Deliver is presented by

Presented by LiveIntent

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There will be food, drinks, and the chance to swap ideas with some of the most plugged-in newsletter operators from across North America.It’ll be free to attend, but space is limited! Dinners will be capped at around 20 guests per city to encourage free-flowing conversation.

Dine & Deliver schedule for 2023

February 28 — New York, NY
March 14 — Washington, D.C.
April 4 — Los Angeles, CA
May 11 — Boston, MA
June 15 — New York, NY
August 24 — Philadelphia, PA
October 12 — Chicago
...and more dates will be announced soon in other cities!

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About us

Dine & Deliver is co-hosted by

Who Sponsors Stuff, a powerful tool to help newsletter publishers find advertisers and grow revenue.Inbox Collective, a consultancy that helps newsrooms, non-profits, and indie newsletters grow audiences and get results via email.